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MessagePosté le: 28/07/2008 22:33:29    Sujet du message: UFO’S: THE UNACCEPTABLE REALITY Répondre en citant



“Unidentified flying objects are as real as airplanes which fly over our heads…” Paul Hellyer, Canadian Minister of Defence 1963 – 1967

By Dhyan Abeyagoonasekera

(This article is for readers with open minds)

Many people treat UFOs or extraterrestrial (ET) life as ‘ridiculous nonsense.’ It is a case of an endless expanse of wide open skies and––narrow closed minds. It is common knowledge that ‘space’ is full of other suns, galaxies and planets with potential in nurturing life. The Hubble Telescope confirms the scientific idea that space is boundless––immeasurable. Hence it is reasonable to assume that apart from us there is a strong possibility of the existence of other forms of life ‘out there’. The mounting evidence of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings through individual sightings, group sightings and photographs of UFOs and less frequently, encounters with aliens confirmed as genuine, lend credence to this idea. However, despite the subject being covered by newspapers UFO magazines and as recently as 2004 by CNN, Fox Video, up to now––even to the broad-minded, UFOs and aliens remain a subject––deep, sinister and as mysterious as ever.

But, among those who have seen UFOs or who have had extraordinary, frequently petrifying contacts with aliens and experiences of abductions by aliens there is a tendency towards tight lips––to avoid ridicule and embarrassing official probes. Such people live with their ordeals as they believe in what they witnessed or endured.

The birth of UFOlogy

‘UFOlogy’ attained age, when on 24th June 1947, an American pilot, Kenneth Arnold, spotted nine objects flying in formation. In Arnold’s estimate, these objects were racing across the sky at speeds in excess of 1000 miles per hour! Arnold reported, “They flew like a saucer would, if you skipped it across the water.” Arnold’s sighting was never confirmed as there were no other witnesses. But the name ‘Flying Saucer’ stuck. In the years that followed, there were hundreds of reports of ‘Flying Saucers’ which defied identification and proper explanation––hence the term ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’––UFOs.

The Roswell Incident

The subject of UFOs and ETs commanded more public attention after the famous ‘Roswell Incident,’ only eight days after Arnold’s sighting. A rancher found a large area strewn with wreckage he could not recognize in the desert in Roswell, a small town in New Mexico. The crashed object suspected to be a flying ‘saucer’ was about 30 feet in diameter and contained four dead humanoid creatures, the size of children. They had out sized heads and small eyes and had no hair and wore some type of clothing of a one piece type without buttons, belts, or zippers. No one would have or even could have believed the rancher if not for a team of archaeological students of the University of Pennsylvania who were carrying out a dig in that area who were also witnesses to the find. Later an Army Detachment removed the mysterious debris and the dead bodies to Fort Worth in Texas.

The next day the papers were full of the incident involving the crashed UFO. However, a strange thing which took place concurrently was an official announcement made by the army that the debris found was not of a UFO, but that of a weather balloon! This was certainly not the recollection of those who found the crash.

After the crash, a local undertaker received an order for four child-sized coffins. There were also reports of autopsies having been conducted on the alien bodies and of photographers who had filmed the surgical procedure. But the government staunchly maintained their denials and subsequently a wall of silence fell not only on the Roswell incident, but also over the other occasions when reliable witnesses––police officers, pilots, scientists and well-known politicians reported spotting UFOs.

( The ‘Roswell Incident’ has been made into a documentary film.)

The history of UFOs and

extra-terrestrial visits

As narrated in historical writings, UFOs have made their appearances centuries ago––long before Roswell. Consequently, UFOs and alien beings are not a new concern. Lord Buddha, taught that there are 31 planes of existence in the universe and that other ‘beings’ lived in other countless worlds. The Book of Ezekiel in the Bible relates detailed visits to Earth in the seventh century B.C., by what sounds like spacecraft and spacemen (extraterrestrials). Ezekiel also says that he himself was a passenger in one of these spaceships which supports the narration that Elijah, travelled to the heavens in a ‘fiery chariot’ never to return. The Mahabharata, of India, supposed to have been written over 3500 years ago, refers to events which took place thousands of years before that. “Two storeyed sky chariots with many windows ejecting red flame that race up to the sky until they look like comets.”

In 329 B.C. Alexander the Great, likened UFO’s to ‘great shinning silvery shields’ which had interfered with the passage of the Greek army to India. Aristotle, in 384 B.C. described the objects he saw in the sky as ‘heavenly discs’. The Pharos of Egypt ordered special prayers to their deities whenever UFO’s were sighted in that era of history. Ancient history is full of such descriptions which have extended to modern times as well.

On 13th March 1997, over Phoenix, Arizona, over 10,000 people saw a UFO which was one mile across in size. ‘The Phoenix Lights’ are seen in the night skies even today

(The movie, ‘Night Lights’ was based on this mass sighting.)

In 1980, in Canada, many people in their homes got an urge to go outside to look at the night sky. And 12,000 people saw a massive pink spiral several miles high in the sky, which the Government attempted to explain away as a Chinese rocket!

Hundreds of sightings of UFOs and other ‘close encounters’ continue unabated without apparent explanation––all over the world. Governments are better informed, but keep the information they have gathered under close wraps through what appears to be an ‘International Collective Agreement’.

History, archeological findings, religious writings, the more recent study of the universe and science indicate that we are not alone in this universe. The establishment of special departments by governments such as ‘Project Blue Book’ of America, ‘The UFO desk’ of England and similar institutions in other countries to examine the UFO phenomenon confirm the disquiet over the UFO phenomenon. (The Chinese Government spent 20 million dollars in 2005 on UFO research.)

In the present day, reports of UFO sightings, encounters with aliens, alien abductions from all parts of the world continue unabated. (It is claimed that 3.7 million Americans have been victims of alien abductions.) In Sri Lanka a few years ago, there was a report of a UFO and aliens having landed in a playing field at Anuradhapura. More recently, unidentified and unexplained lights were reported from Kalutara and Horana. There was also a report of a sighting of ‘beings’ thought to be children on their way to school. Though the incidents were given media coverage, many ridiculed the reports. A few weeks ago, there was a report of a UFO attacking a helicopter over Cardiff in England.

UFOs and their passengers

UFOs have been described as saucer shaped, oval shaped, diamond shaped, rectangular, triangular, single tiered, two tiered etc. They also come in various sizes. Some craft are said to be as large as several football pitches while others are smaller. According to reports, UFOs are bright and ‘fly’ silently. In addition, people have seen alien beings also of various sizes and shapes. Some have been described as small––about four feet in height ( like the ‘Greys’ encountered in the Roswell Incident.) others have been in ‘space gear,’ still others were described as tall, grotesque, frightening but human-like. Female aliens, who look like humans have been described as being very beautiful.

‘Area 51’

While the public is wondering what UFOs are and what they and their alien occupants signify, certain governments, notably the USA, are surreptitiously researching into UFOs. It is claimed that the most secret and controversial of such research takes place at the in-famous ‘Area 51’ hidden away somewhere in the Nevada desert in America. ‘Area 51’ is said to be hiding crashed UFOs and also extra-terrestrials––both alive and dead. It is also claimed that the US Government is experimenting with ‘Reverse Engineering’ of UFOs which are powered by unknown sources of energy and that the manufacture of the B-2 ‘Stealth Bomber’ and other super fast aircraft of the US Air Force is based on UFO technology. Sometime ago, in the USA, George Bush Snr. as a presidential candidate promised to reveal the truth of UFOs and aliens after his election as President. But after he was elected, he refrained from revealing the truth on the grounds of ‘national security.’ Later however, in response to public pressure, some reports on UFOs were released by the US Government but many others were not. Why were some reports held back from publicity? Consequently, it only worsened the aura of mystery, secrecy and the questions surrounding the subject.

We are helpless

The popular belief among UFOlogists is that extraterrestrials are far more intelligent and technologically thousands of years old and if the age of the universe is considered, they may even be millions of years ahead of us. Extraterrestrials in their spcecraft are still visiting Earth AS AND WHEN THEY PLEASE and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING we, as humans, can do about such violations of our skies of our home, Earth, and the infringement of the freedom we enjoy as a right. This is the most terrifying part. How do we counter such a scenario?

UFOs are said to be super fast and their manoeuverability is astonishing. They can fly at high speeds and come to a dead stop and remain silent, invisible at times and motionless in the sky. They are also capable of avoiding detection by radar. Our fastest planes cannot get anywhere near a UFO in the event of a confrontation or chase. Extra terrestrials are also said to have telepathic capacities to influence human minds, ‘weapons’ against which man has no answer, and other capabilities that make ‘man’ a puppet in their hands. Consequently, if the people yell, “Tell us the truth about UFOs and aliens. This is a free country, a Democracy. We deserve to know the truth,” or words to that effect, what is the government (of any country) expected to tell the plainly vulnerable people?

“Yes, UFOs and aliens are real. UFOs are faster than any of our planes. They also carry various armaments which we do not understand and cannot match in a war situation. They are manned by intelligent extra-terrestrial beings who are far superior to us in every way. They appear to be benign, but they could be hostile. If they attack us, we will be helpless and that may well be the end of mankind. We are in the process of formulating defence plans in case of an attack. And God save us all?”

In fact, confronted with millions of credible reports of UFO sightings by Americans and a demand for an explanation, Congress, in 1950 commissioned the ‘Brookings Institution’ which reported: “If the existence of UFOs were to be revealed to the American population, they would not be able to handle it. They would defy the authority of the church, the police, military and governmental authority. They will refuse to go to work and would want to talk to these ‘alien ‘beings.’ The Government won’t have a chance.”

We may be on the doorstep to the

reality of UFOs and Extraterrestrials

Why is it that UFOs and their occupants do not come out openly and tell us, “Here we are, you fellows, come and meet us for a chat,” sort of thing? A popular explanation is that man is not yet ready to accept the existence of UFOs and Extraterrestrial beings from other worlds. Perhaps, in their eyes we are yet kindergarten kids to be nursed––implying that we are juniors lying at the bottom of a universal scale of knowledge, technological development, social and moral behaviour. They may have also considered us as biological specimens in a ‘Cosmic Zoo’ for experimentation.

The apparent benevolence of Extraterrestrials may be genuine, or a ploy to gain our confidence before some drastic strategy is put into motion. Simply put––they could mean well or cunningly calculating. We simply do not know. However, optimistic UFOlogists opine that the time for aliens to announce their existence in their numbers is just a minute away from mid-night. If and when this happens, we on Earth will finally be in a position to accept that UFOs and Extraterrestrials are real. We will also realise with understandable trepidation, that we are not alone after all.

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